Youth News

The youth are busy with all kinds of things going on!  They have bought new basketball goals and they are ready to be put up.  New trash and aluminum can disposals have been bought and are in the process of being painted.  The youth have created some wonderful designs to put on them.  Be sure to look for them by the basketball court!

On Sunday, October 1, they will serve a baked potato bar and dessert after church to raise money for their projects and outings.  Please come enjoy a meal with us that day and support them!

We have been studying some interesting things in the youth study Bibles that are in the youth room.  We have studied about Daniel, Ruth, and David.  We have learned about the Ark of the Covenant. Each week we have more things to learn and talk about.

If you have youth in your family or neighborhood, invite them to join us.  We would like to reach out to every youth.